Severe & Catastrophic Injuries

Joliet, Illinois, Severe Injury Claims Attorney

Cases that involve severe and catastrophic injuries are complex. Many personal injury attorneys will refer these cases out because of the challenges they face in building a claim. At the Leiter Law Offices, we fight to overcome obstacles on behalf of our clients and their families. Negligence has violently intruded into their lives and they need a high level of legal advocacy.


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At the Leiter Law Offices, we represent clients and their family members who are suffering from the physical and emotional effects of injuries in the following:



Getting Your Story and Establishing Your Severe Injury Claim

When we take on a severe injury claim that involves amputations or paraplegia, we want to know the entire story. That means speaking with the victim, family members and anyone else impacted by the accident. We hire experts and accident reconstructionists to find out exactly what happened in the life-changing event.


Handling Your Case With Experience, Compassion and Insight

The more serious the injuries, the more we strive to identify all the parties responsible. In many claims, there is more than one person or company whose negligence caused a serious accident. Attorney and firm founder Gregory Leiter not only brings experience as a personal injury attorney, but also possesses an in-depth background of knowledge as a former insurance defense lawyer.


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