Medical Malpractice

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While doctors and hospital staff throughout the state are held in high regard, tragic mistakes still occur that leave their patients seriously and permanently injured. At the Leiter Law Offices, we understand that a bond of trust is broken when a medical professional fails to follow the proper standards of care.


The complexities of a medical malpractice claim may discourage some personal injury attorneys. However, we are willing to face those challenges and seek justice on your behalf. Contact us at 815-723-7600.


Experienced in Identifying Specific Instances of Medical Malpractice


Even the most qualified physicians are not miracle workers. Bad results sometimes occur following a medical procedure or surgery. Yet, there are times when a doctor simply overlooked the most minor of details and committed an emergency room error. Only a seasoned personal injury attorney can identify where that line was crossed and medical malpractice occurred.
Benefit From the Insight of an Former Insurance Defense Attorney


Gregory Leiter, the founder of the Leiter Law Offices, established our firm following several years as an insurance defense attorney. That unique point-of-view gives him the edge in knowing how the opposing side builds cases. He understands the nuances of medical malpractice claims against a small-town doctor versus a big city physician. No medical malpractice case is the same and each client will receive personalized advocacy.


With the help of experts, we identify where a doctor fell short in their care and the effects that negligence had on you. From there, we pursue a claim through mediation or litigation. Unlike some lawyers, we do not shy away from the courtroom if that provides the best outcome for you.

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