Pursuing Class Action Lawsuits

At Leiter Law Offices, we are determined to help our clients find justice when their rights have been violated or their health has been seriously compromised by a product.


We want you to know that you are not alone, there may be other people who are fighting for their rights regarding the same issue you are up against. Founding lawyer Gregory Leiter, along with our team of experienced trial professionals, is here to help give your case a voice that will be heard.
Standing up for the Legal Rights of Our Clients When They Have Been Wronged


Based in Joliet, our premier injury law firm serves as a comprehensive legal resource for individuals and families who have sustained severe and catastrophic injuries resulting from the negligence and carelessness of another party, including other individuals, employers, product companies, etc.


While class action lawsuits are filed in many types of industries, common situations that have prompted victims to obtain legal representation have involved:


Prescription drug side effects Drug packaging and other product liability issues
Work-related illnesses and disease
Employee and civil rights violations
Phone, television and Internet companies overcharging on customer’s bills


If you believe that you may be part of a class action lawsuit, we urge you to consult with Leiter Law Offices. During confidential consultations, our team will evaluate your case and help you understand what types of legal options are available to you in pursuing your claim. If you make the decision to move forward, our firm will aggressively stand behind you.


Our Contingency Fees | At Leiter Law Offices, we offer a free initial consultation to review your class action lawsuit. If we take on your case, we only charge fees when we obtain compensation for you.

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