Work-Related Illnesses & Disease

Not every workers’ compensation case involves an individual who was in a workplace accident that caused immediate injuries. Some claims are filed months, years and even decades after an employee has began or ended working at his or her job.


Do you believe you have developed a work-related illness or disease? At Leiter Law Offices, we represent individuals who are suffering from serious and life-threatening medical conditions resulting from their current or past jobs. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help you.


Handling Occupational Disease Claims: Let Us Help You Defend Your Rights

For some workers, extended periods of time exposed to certain conditions have taken a major toll on their health. This is especially common in construction and other factory and labor-intensive industries.


If an illness or medical condition that has developed over time that has made it difficult or impossible for you to work, we can help you. Led by founding lawyer Gregory Leiter, our firm has aggressively pursued compensation for clients suffering from an extensive collection of diseases and problems due to exposure to (but not inclusive of):


  • Heavy metal fumes
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Silica
  • Radiation
  • Chemicals and toxic materials
  • Grain dust and other irritants


Exposure to the hazardous materials listed above has caused serious problems, like renal disease, respiratory conditions, mesothelioma and other cancers which have robbed our clients of their health.


Joliet work-related illnesses attorney Gregory Leiter and our team are highly knowledgeable of claims involving occupational diseases — an alternate area within the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. Leiter Law Offices is committed to helping you obtain compensation for the damage your work-related illness or condition has caused you, including medical compensation, loss of wages, loss of earning capacity and permanency of your injuries. We will thoroughly explore avenues of recovery that involve workers’ compensation and third-party liability.


Our Contingency Fees | At Leiter Law Offices, we offer a free initial consultation to review your workers’ compensation claim. If we take on your case, we only charge fees when we obtain compensation for you.


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