Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

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You performed a thorough and exhaustive search for just the right home for your elderly or disabled loved one. That due diligence should pay off in confidence in the facility. You should have peace of mind that your family member is being cared for. You should trust that all their needs are being attended to with compassion and professionalism.


When trust is violated in the form of nursing home neglect or abuse, turn to the Leiter Law Offices. While you deal with the emotional fallout and seek help for your loved one, we will fight hard to hold the facility accountable for injuries or death.


Tragically, many nursing home residents are unable to effectively communicate their needs and the treatment they require, let alone report abuse or neglect. They need an advocate who can speak on their behalf and protect their rights. For help, contact us at 815-723-7600.


When your Loved One Suffers From Nursing Home Neglect

A staff member ignoring a resident’s needs or committing elder abuse breaks the bond of trust you placed in the nursing home facility. You may not even notice neglect of your loved one at first. However, the most minor injuries can become severe and deadly. Bedsores can lead to infections. Those infections can result in amputations or death.


We Hold Nursing Home Staff Accountable

At the Illinois-based Leiter Law Offices, we bring unique insight into the handle of nursing home abuse and neglect claims. Our founder, attorney Gregory Leiter, is a former insurance defense attorney who diligently defended those accused of negligence. He knows the arguments posed and the strategies used. That point-of-view can be a valuable asset for both you and your victimized family member in holding the nursing home responsible.


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