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Do you suffer from a whiplash injury from a motor vehicle accident?

The acute whiplash injury is real.  It exists wherever there are motor vehicle accidents.  One can readily produce acute symptoms of neck pain or stiffness in human volunteers subjected to experimental collisions.  Yet, while the acute injury exists in all cultures and even in laboratory setting, in some cultures those with the acute injury continue to report chronic pain for months or even years and also report disability for prolonged periods.  There are other cultures where this prolonged pain is not reported.  Why do some countries and cultures trend towards prolonged injury where the recovery time in others is only a fraction of the time?


  • How to prepare for the unfortunate event of a car or motor vehicle accident?

    “Prepare yourself for the unfortunate event of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.  What recourse do you have against the driver that strikes you and has no insurance? Usually, when a driver lacks insurance, he also lacks assets to attempt to collect.  Therefore, it is essential to carry Uninsured Motorist Coverage.  Such coverage usually only costs a few extra dollars a month and is an investment that is necessary for peace of mind and to assure that you are fairly compensated for injuries that are of no fault of your own.”